French Mastiff is Worth the Extra Care

One unique breed of dog owes its recognition in the USA to a1989 movie. Viewers were unsure if they liked the dog or not. It had a winning personality but the long strings of slobber were gross. That is characteristic of a french mastiff. Of course, it was exaggerated in the movie, but not by much! They drool the most after they take a drink of water so it is a good idea to keep their drinking water outside. It is wise to keep a towel handy since it is inevitable that there will be a need for an occasional face wipe, no matter what precautions are taken.


Another bad but natural attribute is snoring, very loud snoring. Looking at the compacted face of a french mastiff explains why breathing is a problem. For the same reason, this breed cannot tolerate heat. One more flaw of this breed is the dog's tendency to be over protective. They are very loyal dogs who will lay down their life for their owners. This can be a cherished trait unless the dog has not been trained to know when a stranger is a friend. For instance, the Mastiff should never be left alone with children, especially friends of children who live in the home. Innocent rough-housing could be misunderstood by the protective pet.


Mastiffs must be socialized while still in the earliest puppy stage. They grow large quickly so the longer the owner waits, the tougher it is to physically handle the french mastiff. It is not difficult to teach this breed since they live to please their master, and are very intelligent. That's not saying they won't be stubborn sometimes. It happens, just like with any breed of dog, or any person. Proper grooming is important, which is also tolerated better if the dog gets accustomed to the experience at an early age. This breed of mastiff has folds of  skin that need to be occasionally cleansed to prevent bacteria from building.


Another advantage of socializing the mastiff at an early age is to provide it with people skills so it can do more of what it enjoys, which is to work among people. With proper training, the french mastiff makes an excellent search and rescue dog. They can also be used for therapy at nursing homes since they crave attention. If an owner can ignore the slobbering and snoring, they will be rewarded with a loving dog that will remain loyal forever.


french mastiff

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